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Lego Heart Keyring

Lego Heart Keyring

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Perfect gift - Lego Heart

Couples keychains - together we are complete. Join the keychains together to form the love heart, when apart we will be half of each other. Matching keychains for you and your loved one. Perfect for friends, family or lovers. Discreet, only you will know what it means.

Perfect Gift for Loved Ones

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The Perfect Gift

This Lego heart keychain is a perfect gift for couples, for loved ones, for friends and for family. It comes with a super soft velvet pouch to make it a perfect gift. The keychains are highly robust, good quality chains. The bricks are genuine Lego parts. Each keychain is lovingly handmade here in the UK! Perfect gift for anniversaries, valentines, Mothers Day, birthdays, Christmas and more!

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